MoVal Meditation

Deep Water : Luke 5:1-11

As we continue on our journey of “Fearless Faith”, I want to challenge us to try to go into our faith deeper, to maybe dig into some new territory, or maybe to challenge ourselves in a different way. This devotions scripture is from the gospel of Luke 5:1-11. Take a few minutes to read the scripture and pay particular attention to verses 4-7.

In this story, Jesus is standing on the shore by a lake when people show up all around him to hear what he has to say. There just happened to be a few fishing boats by the shore and he hopped into one of the boats and put out a little ways and taught from the boat. When he finished, he told Simon to go into the deep water and drop your nets. Simon simply explained they had been out all night and had not caught a single fish, but “at your word, I will lower my nets”. When Simon lowered his nets, he had so many fish, their nets were tearing, and they had to get help to bring all of the fish ashore.

How many times in our lives have we felt like Simon Peter? We have worked hard all day, picked up the kids, ran errands, made dinner, did the laundry and end up feeling like we never get anything accomplished. Then on top of all of that, we are asked to help others, to give a little more, to try just one more thing.  In some ways, it seems like too much. In or with faith, we know if God is asking just like Jesus did to Simon, just go ahead and try one more time, or over here, or just a little more, you will be asking your friends to come give you a hand with the abundant blessing God has given to you for your faith.

It is so hard to reach out in our faith, to be fearless when God says, “Go into the deep water, the deep place”, but by doing so we can see what God can accomplish with us and through us. I would encourage each of us to continue to listen to what God is calling us to do and like Simon, even if we feel like we have tried everything, reach out and have Fearless Faith.


Peace Works Series

God, help us to be more open and loving. We know that you love each one of us, regardless of what life has put before us. Please help us to be accepting and welcoming to all. Amen
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